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Katie & Mickey Trails to the Forgotten

 About us

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We met in 2014 during an off-roading day & haven't looked back. Our plans to travel quickly developed & life has been a gentle immersion in change ever since. We both have an unslakable curiosity about the world & we love meeting people & learning new things. We share a belief in the power of good communication, self-care & kindness.

For Mickey, travel and biking has been part of his life for ever. He can't imagine not doing either. Many of the lessons Katie is still learning, Mickey has lived his life by.

For me (Katie) motorbikes came later in life as part of my exploration of the new life I found myself in. My practice of balancing out the order of life with a touch of chaos has refined over the years but bikes and travel were my first jab at loosening my grip on control and surrendering to the world.


Balance is still something I need to practice daily but I've kind of made peace with that now. The road taught me that the good stuff lies not in the end result but in the process & the attitude that you approach life with.

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