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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:

  • Know yourself.

  • Take care of yourself above all else, taking care of others will follow.

  • Prioritise what you love ruthlessly.

  • Do everything you do as well as you can whether you love it or not

  • If you can't do that then change it up, no matter how scary a choice that is - if you can't take pride in it it isn't serving you.

  • Maximise positive impact (and minimise negative impact)

Despite the simplicity, we live a life that many think strange.

It's true it's taken sacrifice, hard work and the courage to face fears to mould a life that serves us. But it doesn't feel arduous when you're working towards something that means something to you. Doing that with someone who shares the vision lightens the load further.


Our website started as a platform for blogging about our travels but given that our philosophy encompasses our whole life the blog is evolving to reflect that.

Of course, there'll be plenty of travel tales, from mini-adventures exploring the home we realised we don't know to the next big one we're keeping our eye on. There'll just be more on the bits in between too - take what serves you and leave the rest. In a time when dissatisfaction with life seems rife, the intention remains to communicate our lot to empower others who want the same. 

Happy reading and thanks for stopping by :) 

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