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What type of information do we collect and why, how do we use it and what can you do about it?

Our website is hosted by They may collect session information, including number of visits and duration of visit. 

Personal data is only collected and held if you enter it into this site and give us explicit consent to use it (as a subscriber to our mailing list). This data is only used for the purpose of sending out email updates to subscribers who have agreed to this contact.  

We use a limited number of cookies that support the correct function of this site on your device and the functions detailed above. More information about the types of cookies used can be found in the links at the bottom right of this page. 

Opting out: Cookies

As the cookies are controlled by our host, we cannot disable them. However, if you do not consent to the use of cookies you may disable them via your browser. This may affect your experience of the site.

We will never sell on your information and we do not use information to market to or target individuals.

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